Monday, September 26, 2011

I Heart Faces: People's Choice, Summer 2011

It's People's Choice week at I Heart Faces, and they're choosing the "Best Face Photo of Summer 2011."  My summer was sheer craziness, and honestly, I didn't take many pictures (bad mommy-tog!).

But I managed to find this great shot of E during a festival... He had wanted one of these caramel apples when we were there last year, but a loose tooth prevented him.  As it drew closer this year, he actually pulled another loose one, just to make sure he'd be able to get that apple!  I think you can tell by the photo that he was enjoying it...

Caramel Apple

Thanks for looking, and vote vote vote!  :)

Thursday, September 22, 2011

Puppy Love

Quincy loves him some Auntie H... Seems the feeling is mutual!

Monday, September 19, 2011

I Heart Faces: A Touch of Sun

For six months, I haven't been able to decide if this is a "good" picture.  Let's be honest: it's totally overexposed and the contrast is entirely too harsh.  One eye is practically lost to the shadows.

But there's still something I find captivating about it... the sparkle and intensity of his gaze; the way the light plays off those long eyelashes; how it highlights that fuzzy perfection of baby skin.  Melt.

So, while I might not consider it a technical success, I couldn't help but enter it in the I Heart Faces challenge this week: Touch of Sun.  Click the photo to see it in better resolution, and thanks for looking!


Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Back to School, Part Two

Monday I posted one pic of the older three's first day of school for the weekly contest at I Heart Faces.  Actually, it's not my favorite shot of the day, but it best fit their requirements (a face has to be showing in order to qualify).

So, I thought it might be nice to post a few more from that morning, along with a couple more from Pup's first morning of preschool today.  Enjoy!


Monday, September 12, 2011

I Heart Faces: Back to School

So, yeah.  It seems that two whole months have passed since I've blogged last...for good reason, really.  If you only knew everything that's happened!

Here's the Cliff's Notes version: sold the house...bought a house...found out we're expecting baby number five...went on vacation...moved...started football season...started school...unpacked maybe half the house...had a birthday...gratefully outlasted the morning sickness...beginning a major renovation project.

I might actually be developing a little routine now, which seems like a miracle.  I have a nice sunny spot for my office (actually, the sun's totally in my eyes at the moment!), and I've started catching up on my blog reading.

Which is how I realized that this week's challenge at I Heart Faces is Back to School...perfect, because those are some of the FEW pictures I've managed to take over the last several weeks!  And, it's a lovely way to ease myself back into putting my thoughts in complete sentences like a sane person!

So, here's my entry.  We live so close to the kids' new elementary school in this house that they get to walk!  The first day was gorgeous, if a bit chilly, and the walk was lovely. The kids were a mixture of excitement and nervousness (since they didn't know a soul in their classes), and I think you can see both emotions on E's face as he looked back at me.

The New Commute

You can click to enlarge the picture (and view it more clearly).  BTW, they all had a great first day, made some new friends and adore their teachers!  Thanks for stopping by today!