Sunday, December 19, 2010

SCNTS Week 4 Entry: The Finals!

I made the Final Round as one of the Top 5!  I'm thrilled...not only because I'm still competing, but also because Maggie Holmes, one of the 2011 Dream Team at Creating Keepsakes Magazine, was this round's guest judge who must have approved of my work!  Yay!

The final challenge was a doozy.  Since the name of the site is Scrapbook Challenges, it stands to reason that the Design Team has to issue challenges from time to time.  For this last round, we had to devise a challenge that could be given to the readers and do a sample page for it.  I was completely stumped.  So, I followed the ever-wise advice of my husband and chose to free-scrap a page, then write a challenge from that creation.  And it worked!'s my challenge: Scrap that thing you've been avoiding! Maybe you have photos that didn't turn out well...protraits that aren't as flattering as you hoped...a life event that was important to you. This year is drawing to a close and a new beginning is just around the bend, so let's clear out all the procrastination! Definitely include journaling and seal the deal with stamping and/or a fastener of some variety. page: the first tribute I've finally done of my wonderful mother-in-law who went to Heaven in March.  It was a tremendous blessing to scrap this story of how she truly got "All Her Wishes." 

All Her Wishes digital scrapbooking layout by Chanell Rigterink Credits Digital Papers, Frame: One Love Collab by Scrap Orchard; Flourish Stamp: Chipper by Songbird Avenue; Clock: Refresh Collab by Scrap Girls; Fasteners: Mod Bungalow by Brandy Hackman; Overlay: Artistic Borders by The Scrappin' Cop; Brushes: Lined Paper by Hectic HD, Jewelled Wings by MidnightsTouch; Fonts: Carbon Type, Porcelain

Thanks to you who have left me comments over the last few weeks; special thanks also to my friend Christy VanderWall for proofing my work and encouraging me during this whole endeavor.

Friday, December 10, 2010

SCNTS Week 3 Entry

Well, I'm one of the top 10 and still competing in week 3!  Very cool, although this week's challenge is even farther out of my comfort-zone than ever before...  Here are the perameters: Create a page detailing your day.  Must be on a neutral background, include three or more pictures, feature paint or ink and have journaling. 

Yikes!'s what I came up with!  Let's cross our fingers and hope it's enough to crack the top five!

All Over the Map digital scrapbooking layout by Chanell Rigterink Credits Digital Cardstock: Fallin' For You by Karen Funk; Notebook Paper, Paperclip: Friends and Family by Marie Stone; Alpha: One Love Collab by Scrap Orchard; Tape: Masking Tape by Jen's Designs; Paper Tear: Having Hope by Thao Cosgrove; Overlay: Grunge Overlays by The Scrappin' Cop; Brushes: Hand-Drawn Arrows by Premium Pixels, Tank Pattern by DieheArt; Font: I Love Derwin; Other: Mapquest Screenshot

Thursday, December 2, 2010

SCNTS Week 2 Entry

My "All About Me" entry last week got me into the top 20 and through to week 2 of the Next Top Scrapper contest at Scrapbook Challenges!  So, the new challenge was to make-over an old layout...oddly, a topic that's been buzzing around several forums I frequent.  Honestly, the hardest part about this process was deciding WHICH of my old, bad layouts I wanted to tackle!  I eventually settled on this one: the second digital page I ever scrapped.

Asian-Coffeehouse Fusion digital scrapbooking layout by Chanell Rigterink Credits Digital Kit: Refresh by ScrapGirls; Dotted Paper: Gillian Hurst; Warning Label and Staples: Valerie Randall; Fonts: Tekton Pro, Showcard Gothic, Rage Italic

This layout actually won a "Mischief Makers" contest at ScrapGirls, but I've always thought it was more due to the story than any design brilliance!  There's not a shadow on the page, it's way too cluttered, and really doesn't refect my style as it has evolved.  So, it was a perfect makeover candidate.

I still liked the color scheme and wanted to reuse the Warning label and journaling (of course).  But I decided that I could tell the story in a more focused way by using only one of the pictures, larger on the page, and echoing the chaos and mess with background elements.  A collab kit I received for working on the creative team for SAS Designs contained all the colors I was looking for and made the redo a cinch.

Here's the finished makeover!  Do you like it better?

Asian-Coffeehouse Fusion (redo) digital scrapbooking layout by Chanell Rigterink Credits Digital Kit: You and Me CT Appreciation 2010 Collab Kit; Warning Label: Valerie Randall; Fonts: You Are Loved, Spicy Sushi Roll