Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Pup's Spring Concert

The Kindergarten classes at school had their Spring Concert last night, and it was fantastic.  The elementary music teacher for the district is a very energetic young woman whom the kids adore.  She's sweet and cute and has an adorable laugh, and when she talks to the students, they light up.

They performed the standard fare, like Over the Rainbow (to which our youngest daughter swayed along on Daddy's lap), as well as a folk song, a rain dance, and...well...they closed down the house Shufflin'!

Those Kinders can dance!  I'd love to get ahold of someone's video, because they were hysterical!  Pup can drop it like it's hot, bahahahaha!

Monday, April 15, 2013

Spring Break. And the flu.

Spring Break was suddenly upon us this year, and since we had already planned a nice quiet week, we decided to go to Chicago.  (What?!?)  Because, that's what you do when you have five kids... You spontaneously drive two hours to meet up with cousins (who only live 30 minutes away in real life) to stay the night in a hotel with a pool.  Then you drive another hour into a big city to ride the subway, take pictures of your reflection in the Bean, and eat hot dogs.  With a one-year-old who will miss her naps.

Actually, it was fantastic.  The weather was amazing, so walking around the city was great fun, even for Jojo in the stroller.  We took a break in Millenium Park to let her crawl around, and at one point we stumbled across a city playground that all five enjoyed.  We walked past a huge construction zone down by the Lake where the city is building an enormous new park with climbing walls, play areas, and picnic space; the kids are already planning to go back in a couple years to spend a day there!

And then, the flu.  Out of no where.  Only Hubs escaped it.  And it was vicious.  Shudder.  So the first week back to school happened without several of my children.  I hear it's really going around...  But, we're all better now, and all back to school, so it seems that I should probably disinfect the house and catch up on laundry (and do some of the hundred or so projects on my list).

Instead, I'll show you the sketches from the last two weeks!

Double-Decker Grilled Cheese digital scrapbook layout by Chanell Rigterink Credits Digital Kits: It's a Good Life by Just Jaimee, Enjoy the Everyday by Mommyish; Sketch: 339 by Scrapbook Challenges; Fonts: You Are Loved, Carbon Type

You Make My Heart Sing digital scrapbook layout by Chanell Rigterink Credits Digital Kit: Storyteller Collab by Scrap Orchard for Persnickety Prints; Font: Caitlyn

Monday, April 1, 2013

I Used to Post Things Here...A Recap

Once upon a time, I thought it would be cool to have a blog.  And I tried.  And I failed.  So I tried again.  And it seems that writing anything on a regular basis is just *not* who I was meant to be.

So, in the spirit of total haphazardness (if that's a word), I bring you a recap of the last month.  A little bit of life happened:

Zombies and Aliens invaded for the Story Laboratory Book Fair at school...

The youngest-among-us turned one!

And Easter happened...

Then, there were some Sketches:

Competition Swim digital scrapbook layout by Chanell Rigterink Credits Graph & Dot Paper, Banner, Paint: Me by Misty Cato; Stripe Paper, Journal Card, Flag, Tape, Love This Word Art: You Are My Happy by Sweet Shoppe Designs; Number Border, Memories Word Art, Staples: Today 2.0 by Mari Koegelenberg; Waves Border: Seaside Retreat by Mommyish; Alpha: Varsity by Lisa Sisneros; Sketch: 335 by Scrapbook Challenges; Fonts: Marcelle Script, Traveling Typewriter

Lab Zombie digital scrapbook layout by Chanell Rigterink Credits Digital Paper, Skull, Dotted Ribbon: I Love Rock & Roll by Connie Prince; Alpha, Bookplate, Ribbons, Splat: Urban Wasteland by Angie Kovas and BZB Designs; Stitching: Machine Stitched Sampler by Traci Reed; Sketch: 336 by Scrapbook Challenges; Font: Carbon Type

Zombie digital scrapbook layout by Chanell Rigterink Credits Paper, Edges: Today 2.0 by Mari Koegelenberg; Stitching: Little Sew and Sew by Erica Zane; Edge Border: Painted Border Freebie by Just Jaimee; Paper Tear, Staples: Gunhild Storeide; Sketch: 337 by Scrapbook Challenges; Fonts: Grant's Ghosts, Carbon Type


One digital scrapbook layout by Chanell Rigterink Credits Digital Kit: Feelin' Peppy by Just Jaimee; Banner: Take My Picture by Just Jaimee; Flowers: Kalea Bits #7 by Creashens; Sketch: 338 by Scrapbook Challenges; Font: Caitlyn

And much, much more.  Someday, maybe I'll find time to post about that, too...