Monday, May 23, 2011

I Heart Faces: Yellow Challenge

The photo challenge theme this week at I Heart Faces is yellow...and it's made me realize that yellow isn't a prominent color in my life!  I already knew that I have a hard time scrapping in the shade, but apparently I don't photograph it often, either!  Who knew?

So, this really was a challenge for me.  I decided not to go the route of the sweet little dandelion in my daughter's hair or the warm, sunshine-yellow cast over the shot.  Instead, I wanted a really bold pop of the color, right in the center of it all where I can't ignore it...and then I found this:


This doesn't read to me as a "yellow picture," but it's certainly there, so bright it borders on obnoxious.  And it totally makes me smile...


  1. Super cute! Looks like they were having a blast!

    Happy Monday! Hope to see you stop by :)
    Mommy Kerin

  2. SO, SO cute! This is the kind of picture they'll be happy to have when they are older :)

  3. They look like they're having a blast!