Saturday, June 9, 2012

The Angry Birds Party

Birthday parties are kind of a big deal at our house.  Not big as in lots of people come over...but big as in each kids gets to plan their own theme and menu and decorations.  With five kids on board now, birthdays are one way we try to make sure that they each get something special, just for them.

Son #2 had his big friend party this year (see "Fiesta!"), so we decided to combine his family party with Pup's.  Fortunately, Pup was totally in favor of it...because they both wanted Angry Birds.  Easy enough!

Balloon Angry Birds bombed balloon King Pigs in a cardboard fort in the entryway, and flew on black streamer garlands above the dining table!  They were made using the fabulous printables here.  I used 9" balloons for my characters, so I shrunk the templates by half; they're definitely made for larger sized balloons.  The pieces are stuck on with double-sided tape.  These were a *huge* hit with the fact, they want to make another batch for a craft day later this summer!

We ended up with a morning party, so we had breakfast casseroles (golden eggs, anyone?), pancake-dipped apple slices, blackberries and raspberries, and blueberry butterscotch coffee"cup"cakes for dessert.  I made the toppers by printing out two sets of these, and hot-gluing them back-to-back with a toothpick in the middle.  Mild warning: these toppers aren't super high resolution and printed fairly blurry.  By this point in the party prep, though, I decided not to care... ;)  There are several different versions of toppers on Pinterest that you could investigate, though.

I still haven't found the magic camera settings to make indoor shots in our new house look good, so I don't have any pictures of the present-madness to share...but I did use this invitation template to make a gift certificate for Son #2 to go to soccer camp this summer.  The original has the red Angry Bird in flight, but I changed it to the soccer ball...'cause I'm theme-y like that!  That blog has a link to the Angry Birds typeface, or you can get to it from here.

Since this was just our family party, we didn't need games or favors...but we had a pretty great time, anyway!

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