Monday, October 17, 2011

I Heart Faces: Tickled Pink

It's Monday, which means photo challenge day at I Heart Faces!  Their theme this week is "Tickled Pink," in honor of breast cancer awareness.  I really struggled with whether to post something of my wonderful mother-in-law, whom we lost to cancer 19 months ago.  I looked at a hundred pictures of her and decided to keep them to myself for today :).  I think they're better suited to my own memories than today's competition...

So, here's a much lighter-hearted take on the color! Little daughter, perpetually dressed in pink, gettin' some love from Puppy.  Click to see larger and clearer, and as always, thanks for looking!



  1. Love this! And so glad that tongue is licking her and not me! :-)

  2. ROFL! What a great photo - and DD manages to keep a straight face, too - if that were me, I'd be laughing so hard!!

  3. Nice, great shot at the right time,love her face! I like your color treatment too.

  4. Such a great shot :) Nice catch :)