Tuesday, May 29, 2012

DIY Teacher Gifts, Part 2

Banana decided, predictably, to give her Kindergarten teacher flowers as an end-of-the-year gift.  And she wanted her to have them early so she can set them on her desk for a while...so, she's taking them in tomorrow, a week before school actually closes.

Like Pup (DIY Teacher Gifts, Part 1), she chose her gift from this fantastic, comprehensive list we found on Pinterest.  This blog has dozens of great ideas, and she chose the colored pencil flower vase (number 13 on the list).  You can click the photos to enlarge...

This project is wonderfully simple.  I used a small coffee can and hot glued colored pencils to it.  I expected to get the pencils from the dollar store, but ended up with regular #2 pencils that had colored barrels from Walmart, instead.  I needed two 24-count boxes of the colored variety at $1.12 each and one smaller package of the standard yellow pencils at less than fifty cents.

The inspiration project had the pencils arranged on a diagonal, but it worked better for us to go vertical because the pencils were unsharpened.  Frankly, I like it better this way...I like not having the pointy tops!  I had originally bought yellow ruler-print ribbon for this, but Banana fell in love with this pre-tied red grosgrain from my ribbon stash.  And, since it is *her* gift...I obliged, and used the ruler stuff on Pup's projects instead.

The bloom tag comes from the same pin, farther down the list at #29.  As usual, I couldn't leave well enough alone and ended up altering it slightly to include Banana's name.  The download comes in three colors, too, so it will match any flowers you choose!  We just cut it out and stuck it to the ribbon with a pop-dot so it will come off later for her teacher.

A recycled salsa jar was a perfect snug fit to hold the flowers, and she's good to go!

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