Monday, June 20, 2011

The ORANGE Party

Pup has a great imagination.  And a total obsession with the color orange.  So, when I asked him what kind of birthday party he wanted when he turned four, no silly cartoon character would do.  He wanted ORANGE.

So, we ran with it!

Orange plates.  Napkins with a candle and a giant orange flame.  Orange tablecloth.  Every orange toy we could find to use as decoration.  A complete orange menu of his favorite foods: corn dogs, spicy chicken tenders, mac and cheese, cantaloupe, carrots and orange bell peppers, and jello with little mandarin oranges.  To drink?  Orange pop.  And for dessert, a carrot cake with bright orange frosting carrots.  I even managed to find a candle with orange polka dots!

Pup was in heaven.  It was orange as far as the eye could see.  Even his presents were orange.  An orange lunchbox, orange outdoor toys and a huge box of orange snackfoods from Auntie H. 

It was a great party.  I think that smile says it all!

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