Friday, February 8, 2013

A Progressive Layout

Occasionally, SBC hosts progressive challenges...and, man, do I find that challenging!  I'm the kind of scrapper that sits down and powers through a page until it's done.  I have a very hard time leaving a layout undone, even if it's not going well.  I've never been able to walk away for perspective or to get reinspired.  I tend to grit my teeth, delete everything I've done if necessary, and just work 'til I'm happy with it.

So, when I progressive challenge truly makes me only do one step at a time (with a whole day in between), I suffer.  No joke.  But, I've done two of these now...and I kinda starting to like it!

SBC's fabulous Social Coordinator Tabitha hosted a nice, quick three-day challenge during the Blog Hop weekend.  And, here's what I did with it!

Day 1
Choose a patterned background.
Use another patterned paper, cut to approximately 6x10.
Use a third patterned paper, cut to approximately 7x8.

Day 2
Choose a photo and mat.
Use a punch, stamp or diecut to create seven or eight shapes.
Arrange shapes from left to right across the page to create a border of sorts.
Adhere everything to your background paper.

In all fairness, I didn't start my layout until Day 2's steps had already been I did all of this in one fell swoop.  One of my papers has a very slight pinstripe to it, so that's a pretty loose interpretation of "patterned" paper, but whatevs.  These are guidelines, right?  

I really wanted a bubble effect as my repeating shapes border.  I must have tried a dozen different things, from cut papers to acrylic shapes, and finally struck on "foam-stamping" them.  These circles are actually the bottom part of an exclamation point from an alpha set!  It was just what I had in mind.

Then, the dreaded waiting.  I think the hardest part is the wondering if the next steps are gonna completely mess up the mental image of the completed layout that I've already formed at this point.  I mean, what happens if there's supposed to be another patterned paper worked in there somehow?!

Day 3
Decorate the shapes border.
Add title and journaling.

Splash! digital scrapbooking layout by Chanell Rigterink Credits Chevron Paper, Journal Cards, Flair: Ocean World by Quirky Twerp; Blue Paper, Ribbons: Waterpark by Just Jaimee; Scallop Paper, Waves: Seaside Retreat by Mommyish; Word Art: Splash Time Word Bits by the Cluster Queen; Alpha: Foam Stamp by Sahlin Studio; Staple: Gunhild Storeide; Fonts: Stamping Nico, Chanell's Handwriting, Traveling Typewriter

I totally lucked out on this one.  The finishing steps were very open-ended, so I really got to do what I wanted.  I added:  flairs (to decorate the border) and two journal cards from the kit that contained the chevron paper; some waves and water-themed word bits; some ribbon to balance the left side of the page.  The stamped title ties in the "bubbles" with an S from the same alpha set and the remaining letters done in a stamped font.

I really like the way this turned out.  I think my favorite part is the stamping...and that's exactly the part that I probably wouldn't have come up with on my own!

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