Friday, February 22, 2013

The Daddy-Daughter Dance

Hubs and Banana attended their very first Daddy-Daughter Dance tonight.  It was much anticipated by Banana...she got a new outfit (complete with sequined skirt and shoes), picked out accessories, and planned hair and makeup.

And, then, about two hours before the big date, she went sledding with her brothers.  And ripped open her chin, attempting to "get a running start" down the hill.  So, off to urgent care we went for stitches, hoping to Heaven that the wait would be brief and the dance could still happen.  We took the makeup with us to pass the time.  No girl has ever left an ER sporting four stitches with better looking eyes than tonight...

They made it for the last 45 minutes of the dance.  According to hubs, it was a perfect amount of time to hit the photo booth, eat cupcakes, squeal with little girlfriends...and even dance a bit!

It was a little nuts trying to get them out the door quickly, so we took a couple pictures (in cruppy lighting) when they got home.  I *think* they like each other.  And I *hope* he ruins her for all the boys she meets in the next ten years.

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  1. I love seeing Father-Daughter dance pictures!! My dad used to take me to them when I was Anna's age and I always felt so special! I'm delighted to see that Aaron took Anna even after such a hectic time! I hope Anna heals quickly!