Thursday, February 14, 2013

Our 2013 Valentines

Last year we made our Valentines for the first time and had so much fun that we did it again!  Here's the round-up...

(Please pardon the picture quality.  It was late and low-light when I was shooting them and no amount of post-processing is making them any sharper, hahaha!)

Hope your day is Starburst-ing with happiness!
These are tiny treat bags with eight little Starburst candies, stapled closed with the note.

You're such a Cutie!
Son #2 is an orange-a-holic, so naturally he chose these.  He's getting a little sophisticated about the whole process, though...he wanted to know if I was violating copywrite since I downloaded the logos for these and the Starburst cards!  Geeze...he's not even ten yet.  I assured him that we were fine, but that's why you all don't get them as free downloads!

You are so sweet! / You make my heart melt!
Banana came up with these all by her lonesome!  She desperately wanted these bags to be filled with chocolate hearts, but we couldn't make that work in the budget (more on that later).  So, Little Debby saved the day with her seasonal heart-shaped cakes!  Banana also insisted on two sentiments: one for the girls and a different one for the boys.

You've got all the write stuff!
Pup's valentines were drama this year.  He originally planned to give out party poppers (the kind that shoot out tiny streamers) with notes that said "You make my heart POP!"  But at the last minute (read: February 13 at 6 p.m. after they were already stuffed and stapled), the big boys got him all freaked out about taking "explosives" to school.  So, Hubs and I decided not to tempt the ripped-from-the-headlines possibility of a kindergartener getting suspended on Valentine's Day and did a emergency regroup.  So, pencils went to school instead!

The Budget.  Ummm.  It turns out that spending even $.25 per kid adds up kinda quickly when there are 25-28 kids per class and you're doing it times four!  Let's just say that I've already told the offspring that we'll be returning to simple suckers and the like for Valentines 2014, hahahaha!  Oh, well...

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  1. Are you willing to share the printables for these?