Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Baby Stats Prints

This little blog of mine is quickly turning into a Pinterest love-fest!

You know I've been designing from it (stay tuned for Sketch 3 later in the week).  And my Facebook friends know I've been cooking from it (spoiler alert: this sketch isn't released yet from Scrapbook Challenges!).  Click to enlarge:

Cooking with Pinterest digital scrapbooking layout by Chanell Rigterink Credits Digital Paper: Rise and Shine Papers by Raspberry Road Designs; Silverware: Domestic Goddess Add-On by Raspberry Road Designs; Vegetable Stamps, Baker's Twine: Gunhild Storeide; Sketch: 280 by Scrapbook Challenges; Fonts: Grants Ghosts, Underwood Champion; Other: photos and logo from

And now, I've finally decided to tap into my I Can Do That! board and let the DIYing commence!  First up, these adorable prints with all the babies' birth stats (pinned here):

Now, I pinned it from someone, who pinned it from this blog...but she's not the original genius, either.  I don't know who did this the first time, so I just have to send out virtual kudos.  Because she's brilliant.  Special thanks, though, to the blogger for suggesting the font to use.  I thought I'd be clever and original and do something different...and still ended up following her lead!  Gill Sans MT, by the way... Oh, and I totally stole her color schemes for a couple of them.

With the new baby at T minus eight weeks and counting, our other kids want to know all about their own births and such.  So this is a timely project.  For my version, I added newborn pictures.  I liked the personal twist, and it kept the series looking more interesting.  'Cause, well, there's a lot of them.

And there'll be one more in a few short weeks!  I'll probably mock up the print with her name and all the colors ahead of time, so it will be easy to pop in the particulars and be done.  I printed these today at Costco, and they turned out just adorable.  And cheap.  Like $1.50 each.  Score.

Hm.  Costco and Pinterest.  That relationship bears further exploration, I think!


  1. Those are awesome! I saw those on pinterest and wanted to do them too. Did you use a certain program?

  2. I did them with my Photoshop (Elements 7). With some playing, you could probably make it work in Word or something, too..

  3. Great layout en cute tickets..
    Hope you will have some time left for scrapping after the new baby is born. Mine is almost six months now and he takes too much of my least he is so cute