Saturday, January 14, 2012

A Good Little Life

I know I should keep the blog hop post on top...but this is begging to be said.

I've got a great life going here.

It's mid-Saturday afternoon, and I'm still in jammies.  There's a fire in the fireplace, snow falling outside my window and four babies outside playing.  There's another baby happily asleep in my tummy.  I have a glass of Dr. Pepper in my hand and a dog curled up somewhere nearby.  The dishes aren't done, the beds aren't made and there's laundry to put away.  Hubs loves me.

I hope you have a good little life, too.  It's a feeling that I can't even explain...

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  1. Can't get the comment section for the Blog Hop to work so I am commenting here. I've tried for 2 days.
    Love that you are so free about yourself and kids and letting things go. I love having days like that. you should enjoy them now before the new baby arrives there will be little time to just rest when he/she arrive. although beds may still go unmade. Ha Ha.
    Your LO is great with all the small photos and then a couple o fbigger ones!!